Healthcare is a universal issue that affects everyone; men and women. With digitization fast transforming the healthcare industry, Digital Health and Health IT have become fundamental topics that continue to shape our future.

Over the last few years, statistics have encouragingly indicated an increase in the number of women working in the digital healthcare industry. Despite this increase however, there continues to be disproportinately less women overall working in digital healthcare. According to a recent study conducted by Swiss Healthcare Startups (SHS), only 29% of digital healthcare startup founders are female.

Last year, we realised with disappointment how difficult it was to connect with other women in the industry who shared our experiences – simply because there were so few of us that we were often scattered far and wide at digital healthcare events.

So we decided to make an impact. In September 2017, we founded the “Women in Digital Health” initiative, and ran our first meetup.

Since then, our community is steadily growing and has reached almost 140 women. We meet bi-monthly, invite guest speakers, organize engaging discussions, and provide valuable networking opportunities.

Our Objectives

Technology has some wonderful benefits. We use it almost every day.-2

Want to be part of it and enjoy the benefits of our network, based on trust, collaboration, and knowledge exchange?

Share, connect and be part of the community!


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Sunjoy Mathieu
Founder & Managing Director HEALTHINAR


Daniela Gunz
Director of Research Partnerships
healthbank innovation AG


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