On 20th September 2017, we organized the first meetup of our newly-founded community, “Women in Digital Health”. We met at the buzzing Hiltl Sihlpost in Zurich and got the ball rolling with introductions and an insightful discussion on our individual expectations and requests for the evening and the community in general. Setting clear goals and intentions for the community ensures that it develops in ways that will benefit all members.

Below are the discussed purposes and goals of the “Women in Digital Health” community, which will form our basis as we grow further and continue to be of sustainable value.

  • Networking – To create long-lasting and sustainable contacts based on trust
  • Knowledge and Ideas exchange – Workshops, learning and sharing sessions
  • Industry event announcements
  • Information about ongoing projects
  • Job recommendations
  • Platform to do business and close deals
  • And last but not least, have fun and meet new people 🙂

Long-term goals:

  • Be recognized as a thought leader (industry expert)
  • Be engaged as speakers

Want to be part of it and enjoy the benefits of our network, based on trust, collaboration, and knowledge exchange?

Join our meetup group and we’ll see you at the next get-together.


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