A well-designed digital product  is first and foremost user-oriented. It has to solve the needs of its users optimally, fill its intended function, and be intuitive to use. A truly innovative digital product that has global resonance not only solves the needs of its intended consumers, it offers a personalised solution that accounts for the diversity in its users – be it gender, age, cultural identity, physical and mental disability etc.

The demographics of professionals working in tech industry unfortunately still do not reflect the diversity of the global community. Lack of representation in product development meetings means diverse voices are often not heard, and therefore taken into account less often in the prototyping and finalised design of a digital product.

on5mxdlvxbgummxkjncjGender demographics for all US workers. Visualization: Brittany Schell/Gizmodo. Sources: Airbnb, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo

Our goal is to support greater diversity and inclusivity within the tech industry, by facilitating meaningful dialogue between tech companies, civil organisations, digital entrepreneurs and institutions who see value in shared representation. We organise events and workshops centred around these key diversity areas : Gender, Cultural Identity, Age and Disability, to facilitate partnerships and foster meaning collaborations across sectors.